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rod mill

Rod mill

Rod mill gets its name because its grinding body inside the barrel is steel bar. Rod grinding mill, as first-class ore grinding machine, is widely used in the first class grinding in industries such as artificial sand, ore beneficiation plant and power sector in chemical plant. Rod grinding mill is also called rod mill or grinding rod mill.

Details of this product

Rod mill works by relying on the moderative motion of peripheral rack wheel through electrical machine and reducer or the bradytelic synchronous electrical machine. The barrel is driven by those motions, so it is also called grinding rod mill. There is proper ore grinding medium inside the barrel, namely steel bar. Under the functions of centrifugal force and frictional force, ore grinding medium is raised to a certain height and then falls in drop or draining falling state. The ground material is fed into the barrel from the feeding port and crushed by the moving grinding medium. At last, the final materials are discharged to the next procedure under the overflow and continuous feeding force.

Product Features

When the ore is fed into the rod mill, the coarse ore is at the feeding port but the fine ore is at the discharging port. Consequently, the bar group cannot keep balanced but stay slant, which is also the reason to limit the length of rod bar.

The general ore grinding process in most overseas ore beneficiation plants is made up of crusher, rod mill and ball mill. The rod mill is hardly used in China ore beneficiation plant. The feeding particle of ball mill is too high, which causes the large consumption of energy, grinding medium and lining plate. In addition, the grinding efficiency is relatively higher, product granularity is evener and the over crushing phenomenon is less.

The Difference Between Rod Mill and Ball Mill

The rod mill and ball mill are both used in the ore grinding process. According to different working conditions, rod mill is suitable for coarse grinding but the ball mill is suitable for fine grinding. The reason is that the grinding medium of rod mill is steel bar and the contact is line contact. However, the grinding medium of ball mill is steel ball and the contact is point contact, so rod mill is also called crushing mill. To sum up, the different contact types decide the different grinding granularity. Rod mill is mainly used in the industries such as coal and chemical industries, quartz sand, silica sand, sand gas, tungsten ore and aluminum soil ore.

Rod mill is the development tendency and is broadly used in the international industries. The more crushing and less grinding concept is gradually accepted by more and more people.

Technical Data

Rod Mill
Model Barrel size(mm) Effective volume (m3) Bar weight(T) Rotating speed(r/min) Power(KW) Discharge size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Weight(T)
MB0924 Ф900×2400   3.1 29 22 2.5-0.2 2.9-10 6.6
MB1224 Ф1200×2400   6.5 27 37 2.5-0.2 5-13 13.5
MB1530 Ф1500×3000 5 8 23 75 2.5-0.2 5.5-12 16.71
MB1830 Ф1800×3000 6.5 17 22.8 130 2.5-0.2 9.5-20 29.8
MB2136 Ф2100×3600 11 28 20.9 210 2.5-0.2 14.8-35 49.4
MB2436 Ф2400×3600 14.6 37 19 280 2.5-0.2 26-55 61
MB2740 Ф2700×4000 20.5 47 17.5 400 5-0.8 50-165 84.3
MB3040 Ф3000×4000 25.9 50 16.2 500 5-0.8 62-206 130
MB3245 Ф3200×4500 33 56 15.5 630 5-0.8 70-228 138
MB3654 Ф3600×5400 55 94 14.5 1000 5-0.8 103-340 192